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David G Walker
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    David G Walker.
      BSc (Hons) Computer Science
      Staffordshire University 1995.



    Seiretto was established in 1996 and still continues today hosting many small and large client websites and domain names. 

Mission Statement

    Seiretto: provide and maintain the tools to help you attain your online goals.

    "Your online-business is our priority"

    Seiretto Values:
      • Best Practice
        To answer all support calls to the highest standards
        • We will endeavour to answer support requests within 24 hours.  Our staff respond to messages during regular business hours although we also attempt to answer messages in the evenings and weekends whenever possible!  In normal circumstances email support requests receive a personal response within 24 hours on week days, providing the request is submitted in the correct manner.

      • Continuous Improvement
        To develop quality solutions through constant development of our services, our processes and our support to our clients.
      • Best Value
        To deliver outstanding services.  To tailor and customise our services to the evolving needs of our clients.
      • Best Performance
        To provide high availability solutions that enable our clients to gain maximum online time.

Further considerations before making your choice

    Many hosts on the Internet offer great deals, too cheap to be true - which is usually the case.  Please ensure you always read the small print before deciding to host your prized web site with any company, look for any hidden costs.  Check the reviews for the host before deciding, check ours at Trustpilot.

    Seiretto has been trading on the Internet since 1996 and have made a profit every year.  Now we are two decades old with 20 years experience of trading on the Internet.  We continue to provide a high level of service and support that our clients have become accustomed to.   We have always strived to provide services and hosting solutions that work, are efficient and effective.

    During the two decades Seiretto has expanded to provide services for many high profile clients and have increased the hosting and management of .AC.UK domain names.   We are a Janet approved Registrar with well over a decade of experience registering, transferring, renewing, managing, and administering .gov.uk and .ac.uk domain names.   You will find details regarding registering and transferring .AC.UK here.

    For many of our customers MySQL is continuing to be a very popular, fast and a secure database.  MySQL coupled with PHP, offer all the tools required for the creation of a dynamic web site. Yahoo uses PHP.  Now you can develop your own dynamic website or search engine with one of our PHP hosting accounts.

If you are not happy with any of our services please let us know

    We do strive to provide an excellent service to our customers new and old.  However, if any customer wishes to complain about any aspect of our service, please contact us.

    We undertake to promptly acknowledge any complaint and to fairly, confidentially and effectively deal with any issues raised.  Seiretto endeavours to respond to any communications within one working day of receipt if during normal business days (Monday to Friday) and we will keep you informed about the progress of your complaint at all times.

Brief History

    The company was formed on 2nd May 1996 to help SME promote their products via the Internet.  The name SEIRETTO was derived from the original home town of its founder, Dave Walker, which was the Potteries (Stoke-on-Trent).  Reverse the word "potteries" remove the letter "p" and you have the company name; this was used as it was felt that an internationally unique name was required to trade in this ever expanding global economy we enjoy today.

    During the last few years we have increased substantially the number of public sector websites and domains we host. We now host many Academic (.ac.uk, new and transfers see ACHost.co.uk). The services we provide range from full website and email hosting for some departments and just DNS hosting for others. You can find a small selection of recent-clients here.

Seiretto Today

    We have a growing list of  AC.UK domain names we manage and host here in the UK.  You can read the feedback from some of our customers here: seiretto.com/testimonials

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